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Mon-Sat  09:30 -20:30
Sun 10:30 -20:30

Změna otevírací doby (Praha1 od 1.10.2015)
PO - PA 9:30 - 20:30 | SO 10:30 - 20:30 |
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Welcome to the Galaxy Food website. We are the leading supplier of the highest quality fresh meat. After several years on the Czech market, we have become a major player in wholesale and retail trade in fresh Halal meat and oriental specialties, both of which meet the criteria for Halal certification.




In our modern stores, you can find everything you need to prepare typical oriental dishes. Our range of products includes not only original spices and ready-to-cook meals, but also cookware used in the Middle East or North Africa.


Fresh meat is an important area in our business. We guarantee our customers the highest quality of Halal meat. You can choose from many types of meat – beef, veal, mutton, lamb or chicken. Halal meat is always fresh and free of blood. We guarantee that you will feel the difference.


We look forward to seeing you in our shops in Prague.
Team Galaxy Food  



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Apart from Halal meat, we also import Halal ready meals, oriental specialties and other products yet unknown to the Czech customer, though very popular around the world.
Thanks to our offer of ready meals, you will no longer need to travel to the Middle East to buy the delicious chickpea paste known as Hummus or the famous chickpea patties – Falafel. It is not necessary to search the Syrian bazaar for canned aubergine stuffed with nuts – Makdous. Even the famous sweet Baklawa can be found in our shop, where we will be more than glad to offer you the mentioned delicacies as well as many others and equally delicious.





how is halal meat different?

Halal meat does not contain blood or other substances, which the animal body releases when it is under stress (caused by electric shocks or shooting). The meat which does not contain any blood is proven to be healthier and it tastes better.



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How is Halal meat different!


Link from Mercy Slaughter LLC. shows the principles of Halal slaughter and its influence on calming the animal. The video does not contain any violence scenes

Newly opened

Our new modern branch opened in Prague 6


Dear customers, we would like to draw your attention to the newly opened branch of our company at Evropska 24, Praha6.

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